Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Anvil Blocks

 I made one of these yesterday by making one larger piece of fabric and cutting 1 6 1/2 inch square and 5 - 4 inch squares and I ended up with many seams coming together where I didn't want them. I didn't notice that Victoria requested blue backgrounds and I missed the part of the tutorial where she said to press the seams open on the HST's.

Note to myself: When reading instructions, don't skim!

The block I made today was done by making smaller "made fabric " pieces that were close to the size I wanted. It is easier for me to avoid seams coming together at the corners. It also helped to press the HST seams open. I always press triangle seams open but because there were so many extra seams I thought it would be better to press to one side.

 I love this block I think I might make a bigger quilt for myself using dark background fabric.

Maybe I should start the T shirt quilt first. I have been side tracked several  times and I really want to get it done.

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Liz Springer said...

I like your anvil blocks with made fabric. They are so festive. I'm a new quilter and really appreciate how you "think aloud" about what you did and what you would do differently next time. It helps me as a beginner.