Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Baby quilt

I cut the panel for this apart and cut away all of the black between the motifs and repositioned the pieces. I didn't want to make a quilt by putting borders around the whole panel which would have  made it rather long and narrow. This is 36 x 40 and I think that this is about the size we decided on for our quilt closet baby quilts. I wonder if repositioning the pieces has made it look more like a wall hanging.
I decided that I would use some black background fabric for the inner border and the binding. I bought this another time for something else and noticed it is from the same line.
I am not finished with the quilting on this baby quilt and I am sorry that I didn't just quilt it with all  over straight or wavy lines. I don't care much for the look of meander quilting or and all over loopy patterns on a panel like this but maybe that would have been a better choice. It is slow going and there is much changing of thread colors. I am also at a loss about how to quilt the purple mountains and the path and the blue sky. I did echo quilting around the dinosaurs in the rectangles and something to resemble grass in the green areas in the bigger section. I am probably making a big  deal  over nothing; babies don't really care if all of the quilting is absolutely right for the quilt.

I am pleased with the 80/20 batting as it has not made the more densely quilted areas stiff. I will still use Warm and Natural for all my wall  hangings but I really like the 80/20 for bed quilts and baby quilts. I will be using it in the hand dyed 16 patch quilt, the backing has been washed and I am ready to layer it up.  It will not be a wall hanging or a bed quilt.
Maybe it will be a table cloth.
Maybe it will be a Birthday Party table cloth.
Maybe it will hang in my sewing room closet.

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