Friday, August 9, 2013

Checkerboard Flimsy

The borders are on and I can layer this up and quilt it. Or..... since I no plans at all for this, I can leave it up on my design wall for a while until I need to use the wall. It is nice and cheerful and I like looking at it.
I follow Wanda Hansen's blog Exuberant Color; she has been making 16 patch checkerboard quilts. They all look wonderful.  I didn't have a plan when I started this I just made strip sets and I was thinking 4 patches to start. I didn't consciously make a decision to copy her blocks but I can see it definitely influenced me. I was admiring all of her 16 patch garden quilts this morning and it dawned on me. Sometimes we know exactly where an idea  came from and sometimes we never know but I believe it always comes from something we've seen or heard. What we do with that spark of inspiration  may turn out completely different or maybe not so much. I am thankful for all of the inspiration from all the creative people where ever I find it.

It is 52 inches square and when I am looking at it on the wall it appears more cohesive than in the photo. I wonder why that is. I would think that in the photo, which is smaller one would be looking at the whole thing but when looking at the quilt on the wall the eyes would be moving around and seeing smaller areas. Hmmm, I believe that is the answer.
I put all the 2 inch strips and uncut pieces of hand dyed fabric in a bag and I don't know if I will keep it (for another 20 years, maybe). While I decide it can stay, it really doesn't take up much room. I think I am hopeless.

I have to make a baby quilt next and it has to be a fast one as there are 6 babies due soon from our church congregation and we only have 2 quilts in the closet. However I don't have to make more than one quilt.

 I found these 2 fabrics Wednesday at one of the quilt shop stops.
I am thinking of cutting away all the black and repositioning the smaller dinosaurs  as I don't really like the shape it would be if I just bordered it.  This is probably not going to go as fast as I thought it would, after all.

Next up after this is a T shirt quilt. I've had the shirts for a long time and I finally bought the interfacing a couple of weeks ago, only to find I already bought it the last time it was on sale. Oh well, it won't go to waste and it doesn't take up much space either.

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Exuberant Color said...

The hand dyed fabrics look great in 16 patches! I had thought about doing one in hand dyes and may still do it. I love the mindless sewing on these blocks.