Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Baby quilt

I have been busy trimming my HST's to 2 1/2 inches and I finally got them all on the wall, all 256 of them. I really made about 40 or so more than that because I needed more color variety as I go to the last few rows. they won't go to waste but they will not go into another HST only baby quilt.
I did a little figuring and if I made 2 1/2 inch finished HST squares, I would only have to make 144 and if I made the quilt with 3 inch finished HST's, I would only have to make 100. Next time I will probably make them 3 inches and I will have a more even number of pieces from each color family. I didn't have all these things thought out ahead of time for this first baby quilt. I don't play to make a lot of these but maybe one or two more baby quilts.

It is hard to spot a mistake sometimes if the  angle Is the same even though the colors are reversed as in the block on the left. Sometimes after undoing the seam it is easy to make another mistake if I am getting tired.
Eventually I get it right. However after the second mistake I usually quilt and come back to it later. it is up on the wall I have four 16 patch blocks on the left and I plan to sew the rest of the patches into 16 patch blocks instead of long rows.
I didn't worry about arranging the colors other than not having big clumps of the same color together anywhere.  After I had a few rows up and sat back to look at it I realized that it was never going to matter. There were about 40 different 6 inch squares to start and each made 8 HST's . That is a lot of color and pattern and with that many prints any sort of organized plan was not going to happen.
I used to make a big fuss about placing everything in just the right place and then when I started sewing everything together I would get mixed up somewhere and I couldn't tell where anything belonged.
Now days my plan of attack is random abandon.
After all
Random is Random!!


Dolores said...

I do like your thinking. I too would eventually get things mixed up in the sewing process and yes, random is supposed to be just that - random.

LynneP said...

What a FUN, colorful baby quilt! Lucky baby...