Monday, October 28, 2013

Giraffes Redo

Yesterday I thought I had a finished flimsy. Not so! When I looked at it this morning I admitted that there was something about the left side that I didn't like. The quilt tried to tell me that yesterday but I refused to acknowledge it. This morning I knew I had to fix it. Where to begin? When all the borders are different, with each side added in a different order; it needs to be analyzed before taking up the seam ripper.
So, this was yesterday when I tried to tell myself it was finished.

This is the area that bothered me.
 On the left is where I started and I took out the seams back to the black border.
In the center , I had added another of the bright batik and separated the motifs with strips of the zigzag fabric. Still not quite right.
On the right, I had changed the bottom leaf motif for a more colorful patch from the same fabric and added the zig zag strip. What!!!
I added a strip going in the wrong direction.

So I took up the seam ripper again and fixed it. I considered adding a zig zag strip to the top of that border strip in place of that hot pink section above the leaf motif. I had not added one to the right end of the horizontal border strip with the same fabrics and I don't want that zig zag fabric at that end next to the same fabric in the next border on the right. The jury is still out, I might add that strip at the top after all. I will wait till tomorrow to see what the quilt tells me to do.

Let me tell you, this has been one bossy quilt. Every decision I've made about what comes next has gotten an argument from the quilt; and the quilt has won every time. I am about ready to tell this piece that I am the boss.
We'll see what tomorrow brings.

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Karen said...

Ruth isn't it funny how sometimes quilts just talk to us?

I love your Giraffe quilt - so very pretty. I think the change will be good, especially if you're making an old friend happy ;)

Thanks for stopping by the blog today. I hopped over here to see how busy you've been - you sure do know how to finish things lady! Amazing.
Take good care!
Karen on Keuka