Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Giraffes - A start

This start has been a long time coming. After I finished the T shirt quilt I cleaned up and cleared off all the horizontal surfaces and dug out these fabrics.  I've had this 18 x 19 batik panel for at least 3 years. It's another one of those fabrics that I was so excited about when I bought it that I could hardly wait to get home to start. I  am not sure why my enthusiasm waned.  I bought this at the NQA Quilt Show and2 fat quarters of the bright batik fabric, on the right. That was all they had and though I looked everywhere on line I never found more.
I must have brought it to a quilt guild meeting once because one of the members asks me every time I see her if I have started something . Lately she has been telling me I should sell it to her if I am not going to use it.

I pulled two of these fabrics from my stash and I bought the spotted gold fabric yesterday

 I also found some pieces of the fabric on the right, that I intend to use but I will have to be creative with it as it has been chopped up and these are the two largest pieces; there are mostly small pieces left. Maybe I will have to "make fabric" for the border.

Here I have 2 border strips sewed on. For some reason I thought the zigzag striped fabric would look good turned cross wise on the top and bottom and I took great pains t make the corners match. I don't like it and intend to take it off and put the zigzag stripes going the other way. I am not sure if I will leave that print in place where it is or not. I had to go out again last evening and buy some solid black to go in there too.

The last photo has border strips auditioned on the side and bottom. I am still  not sure where this is going. I still like the batik panel but I need to look at it and think about it for  a while. Once I cut up those left over scraps I will be committed and that is the one fabric I am sure I want in there somewhere

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