Monday, October 21, 2013

T Shirt Quilt

Sometime after Christmas I cut the fronts from all the T shirts my daughter in law gave me and put them in this box. They stayed there until August when I took them off the shelf and shot this photo. I think that was when I ironed the interfacing to the backs. at first it was on again - off again working on it as there were more interesting things to play with.
I worked this out in my Electric Quilt program and I followed it pretty closely. the striped fabric here was one of the stripes in the program but it represents the actual fabric well enough for design purposes. I ordered backing fabric and when it came I decided to use it for the borders also and I cut down the striped fabric on the side borders and eliminated the stripes on the top and bottom borders.
I used the stripes cut on the bias for the binding.

I constructed the top and quilted it in sections. the right and left sections included the borders and the center section included the sashings. I was undecided about including the more narrow top and bottom borders in the sections and in the end I left them off and added them after everything else was done. At some point I neglected to remember (in other words I forgot) that I considered adding them to the sections and went ahead and layered each section up. after I stitch the sections together on the machine I finish on the back with hand  I could have saved myself having to hand stitch those 2 long seams.
Here is the quilt almost finished, the binding is not on yet. That's me on the side. Some of the T shirts I was given were not in good shape but Jack had some brand new T shirts from motorcycle events they had attended together and he offered them for the quilt.
I gave it to John yesterday but didn't get a picture of him with the quilt.
 I think he likes it.



kathyf said...

Great job. We missed you on Saturday.

Lori said...

i like the way you handled the small pieces. It really adds interest. Nice!