Tuesday, January 28, 2014

More Blocks

 Another day staying in to stay out of the cold,  another day to make blocks. I emptied the shoe box completely and found more made fabric squares and some that were partly done. I finished them up and trimmed all of them to 5 inches. I need 7 more squares before I add the Kona Bone strips on 2 sides. I think a piano key border might work well; everything is moving along fast enough so I think there will be time to do the piano keys.

Below is 2 views of my work area for this project. I thought I was going to have company today which would have meant I had to clean it up a bit but the cold  kept my sister in law at home so I left if as it is. She wouldn't mind the mess but the room is small and it would have been necessary to make some room to work.

It will be cold again tomorrow but maybe we will see some sunshine. Maybe not.

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