Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Triple 4 patches etc.

I thought I would have a Triple Four Patch flimsy by now but I've had some interruptions. We had family over for dinner Sunday and yesterday Mrs. Scrooge (me)  got up and started taking the ornaments off of Christmas tree; that took ALL day. I bought some plastic ornament boxes to replace the old cardboard boxes that were getting dried out and  brittle. It took some thinking rearranging and  reworking to get everything packed away. I was determined to have it all together and not here and there and some things forgotten only to be put somewhere else where they would not be remembered until after Christmas. Jack would have been happy to have it up a few  more days but I think all in all he is happy to have his chair back where it belongs, closer to the TV. It is good to have the light coming in the room again now that the tree is not blocking the window.

I still have to put the Christmas quilts away. I folded them on the bias as suggested by Ann Fahl in a post some months ago. I washed up all the Christmas tablecloths, place mats, towels and other cloth stuff and will put them with this stack and wrap them with a sheet and put them on the top shelf in the linen closet. It is  a good place for anything that won't be taken down for another year as it  too high for me to reach with out a ladder and I have been discouraged from using a ladder.

 I  did get his far with the T4P blocks. they are sewed into foursies and sixies (the bottom 3 rows are sixes). this is the third T4P quilt I have done and each one was a different setting. I  made some of the blocks for this and I  thought the rest were from the friendship group  but some of them had labels on them from an Internet block swap from almost 15 years ago. I think they were leftovers that didn't appeal  color wise with the other blocks. This time I just put them up on the wall with Random Abandon and made only a few switches.

I should get this much sewed together today as I am staying in again today. The sun is out and it looks pretty good but the forecast for today is single digits and I see no reason to venture out.

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