Sunday, February 16, 2014

More Snow

I am a little bit embarrassed to complain about the snow here in NE Ohio; it doesn't compare to some areas of the country. We have not been snowbound for days on end and we have been able to get around most of the time without problems. However today makes the 4th Sunday in a row that just as we were ready to leave for church the snow was coming down thick and heavy. So... for the 4th Sunday in a row we have stayed home. It is often not safe to walk around our car in the parking lot here at home to clean off the car and when the snow is coming down like it was today it is not always good at the other end. Jack says at our age a fall could be life changing so we stay home. There was a lot of  grumbling going on here.

Leftovers from Tumbling Charms 38 x 37
To take my mind off the snow and get away from the grumbling, I put this little quilt top together with leftover Tumbling Charms blocks. The kids at quilt camp made these last summer when they were practicing 1/4 inch seams. There were enough blocks using "made fabric" that I didn't need to use these in the bigger quilt. Although I had planned to use them on the back I did not need them to extend the backing. I played around with these until I came up with a design for a row quilt. I had a  piece of the striped fabric that  has been sitting around for a couple of years; it was 2 yards by 22 inches and it is perfect for the sashing and borders. I will find something for the back from my stash or from the stash at church. This will go in our Caring Quilts closet at church and it can be either a baby quilt or a lap quilt. It is nice to finish something the same day it is started and nice to clean up the leftovers. I think I even have a smallish piece of batting leftover from something.

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