Sunday, March 2, 2014

A Finish and an Experiment

I  finished a little 24 inch table topper (I guess that is what it will be) this weekend. I saw the tutorial  for these blocks at Film in the Fridge about 2 years ago. I cut a lot of strips from Kona Bone and from my bright fabrics and I made 4 blocks. I really like the blocks and I loved the quilt Ashley made but I did not like the process. I am not fast anyway but with these blocks I was really slow. There were the extra steps sewing the Kona strips to the colored strips and all the decisions about what width to use next. I was not so red hot sewing straight seams either as my blocks were kind of bowed out on the sides. However I liked the blocks too much to not finish something. I went to the quilt show at Lake Farmpark on Friday and I was going to get a lime green fabric for the binding but I got side tracked and didn't get any so I used Kona Bone, which was my alternate choice. I use that often on bright quilts; I like the nice clean look of the off white with the bright colors.

While at the Farmpark and checking out all the vendors I came across some yarn that caught my interest. The woman in the booth had a black knotted scarf made from the yarn and I bought some black for me and some beige for my daughter.  You can see here the steps I took to the finished scarf.

  At home, I went to the Bernat website and looked at the instructions for the knotted scarf and then I looked up thread scarfs make with Sulky Solvy and decided to go in a that direction. The skein of yarn had about 5 different types of yarn that were tied together. They were not as easy to take apart as I thought they would be and I ended up with a tangled mess that I finally got separated. I cut about 50+ inches of Sulky Solvy and taped it down and proceeded to lay out stands of  yarns, one strand at a time. When  they were all used up I covered them with another layer of Solvy and pinned them and started stitching in crosswise rows; that was beyond boring. When I finished with all the stitching I washed out the Solvy and rolled it in a towel and hung it on a hanger to dry. I am not in love with it but I don't hate it and I learned something, so I am calling this an experiment. I wish I had left out the white treads they were sparkly and pretty in the knotted scarf but not so much in this one. Next time I will tape the ends of the yarn so they stay straighter and I think I might not stitch my rows so close together.
Will I wear it?
Maybe I will wear it Tuesday
If it doesn't snow.

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kathyf said...

I hope to see it Tuesday.