Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Busy week

My week would probably not seem busy to most people but I don't like to have something to do and somewhere to go every day and I don't like to have to run around here and there in one day. Monday my doctor called and told me she was changing one of my meds and I had pick up a new prescription. From the pharmacy I had to make an urgent trip to the dentist. I had all kinds of visions in my head about having to have a root canal or an extraction but it turned out to be a gum infection, probably after injuring the soft tissue biting down on a hard piece of vegetable stem. That was good news and because we had to  make a trip back to the pharmacy for antibiotics and it was already dinner time we stopped to eat before going home.
When we got home, Jack started to change the belt on my vacuum cleaner. It had made a loud noise that morning when I was using it. Jack thought it sounded like the belt broke. The belt was not  the problem.

He took the roller brush off and gave it to me to clean up the thread wound around it. I cut the tread off with a scissors and this is what I ended up with. He put the roller brush back, problem still not solved. place. He took the whole thing apart and found a broken fan. He put all the parts in a box and took it down to the rubbish room. We did a bit of research on line and decided to shop on Tuesday for a new vacuum. It should have been easy everyone carries vacuum cleaners, right? Not if you want one with a bag. We went to all of the places that carry vacuum cleaners and a found a name brand at Sears, the 7th place we stopped. Back home Jack put it all together and I tried it out. Hmmm......  something was not right, the cord seemed to be rather warm, the brush  did not seem to be turning and the deciding factor was when Jack burned his fingers on the motor housing. So back we went and returned it. We had to go back upstairs to the department where we purchased it so I looked for another vacuum and we bought a Sears Kenmore and I am happy with it. 
By the time we got home I was wiped out. After we ate I sat down and fell asleep and got up around 10 and went to bed. So I missed the Friendship meeting on top of everything else.

I was still tired today so I did some improv piecing on "made fabric". I have wanted to try again to make some larger pieces to cut up. I usually make pieces close to the size I need and trim them. I think I will combine the top two pieces on the right as they are both made with fabrics that less bold in value. I still have a few Anvil blocks to make and I like the one below that  I made from one large piece that I cut up.

It is a slightly different approach when I make large pieces because I am using larger chunks of fabric keeping in mind that I will be cutting through them.


kathyf said...

Sorry you had such a long day. We missed you at the meeting.

kathyf said...

Sorry you had such a long day. We missed you at the meeting.

Susie said...

Ruth we missed you.

p.s. Thank you for the valentine. It was a lovely surprise.

German Zollinger said...

Ouch! Ain't that a bummer? What's good is that you guys got a new vacuum, but at the expense of the old one. At least in this one you guys could breathe easier, literally.
German Zollinger @