Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Anvil Flimsy

I think I really missed the mark on this one. Now that it is all together I can see that I made some choices that were not the best.

Starting with the background color I requested from the participants in the friendship group. Maybe I should have given everyone fabric for one background color or maybe I should have gone with a medium or dark blue like the blocks we made for Victoria (Bumblebeans).

I seem to remember that I had decided to make  one for myself with a blue background.
Blocks sent to Victoria
Four block center of the directional plan
Then there is the layout, I think it would have been better to have all of the blocks oriented in the same direction. My original plan was to have the blocks in the 2 vertical  rows on the right mirror the ones on the left, then in EQ I could see an underlying square if I had the lower 3 rows mirror the upper 2. However that gets lost with  this kind of block when the "made fabric" sometimes determining the direction that is perceived.

I decided not to trim the blocks to all the same size as they were all close enough to fudge and almost all of them had enough clearance beyond the triangle points so the points would not be lost. Trimming this kind of block would result in lost points where fudging worked  pretty well. I have to admit that one of my own blocks was the worst of the bunch. It didn't line up well on any side and lost more points than it kept. Maybe this is a block I trimmed and decided not to trim any others. It is the block in the lower left of the 4 blocks center of the directional plan photo.

These colors are pretty much right on. I had a hard time getting a true to life photo of the colors in the flimsy up on the wall because the light in my sewing room is not good on this dark rainy day.
What will I do with it?
1. I will quilt it.
2. Then ???????
Jack says he doesn't want to sleep under it because
he would have nightmares. Maybe it can be a picnic tablecloth if it won't
give us indigestion.

So...... what do I like about this?
1. It's done.
2. My friends made most of the blocks.
3. I like the Anvil block enough to make it again but not in made fabric.
4. I learned something (that is always a good thing).
5. I really don't hate it.


Janet said...

It is a riot of beautiful colour! Very busy with the different directions but it works.

straythreads said...

that will be the quilt that goes on picnics and too the beach and someday kids or grandkids will be fighting over it