Monday, April 21, 2014

Fixing the Jellyroll Race Flimsy

I cleaned up my sewing room on Saturday and all  horizontal surfaces were bare, yes, BARE. I found creative places to stash things so they are out of the way awaiting decisions of what to keep and what has to go.
The next order of business is to finish up some things so they are not sitting around in an unfinished state taking up space on recently cleaned horizontal surfaces.
Right after the Jellyroll Race I said I was not going to fix anything but today I decided on one quick fix, only one.
The left shot below shows flimsy before the fix the place where I took the rows apart where too much white/light came together.  On the right you can see where I turned the bottom section around and sewed it back on to break up that large light patch.
The photos below show a side view of almost the entire flimsy; before is on the left and after is on the right. As usual, I am having second thoughts; however I am not going to fuss around with any more changes. I am going to sew 2 1/2 inch striped strips (the same stripe as the spacers)on the top and bottom edges. I want to make it just a little bit longer and I will use the same stripe, cut on the bias, for the binding.

Today we took a ride through the Metropark system to an area near Akron where there is a Blue Heron nesting site. There are over 50 occupied nest and it looks like they are awaiting the hatching of the babies.  We made a stop at The Polkadot Pincushion quilt shop and then it was about time to eat so we stopped for supper before heading toward home. We made one more stop, at Joann's, where I got batting for the Jellyroll quilt  and one or two other WIP's that have been waiting to be finished.
It was a good day.


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