Friday, May 30, 2014

Another Sewing Break

I went shopping for fabric last Friday and I decided I needed another break  from organizing and purging so I have been taking a week long break for sewing.

This is my EQ version of  "Metamorphosis" a Mary Ellen Hopkins design. The Basement Divas are having a Mary Ellen challenge. I got a late start so I am sure it will  not be finished for the deadline....... OH Well.

After I went shopping for fabric I added a few more rows to the design and I made some changes in the coloring. The light bright, fresh colors called my name so I went with a different palette.

This is my EQ version with the fabric that I am using. I scanned all of the fabric but the green showed up as yellow so I colored those fabrics with a green that is close in color to the fabric I am using.

I am on row 12 now; I would be further along but there were a lot of interruptions over the holiday weekend and then laundry and cooking and running errands. The photo below shows rows 7 - 12. I have to make the blocks with the blue connector corners for row 12 and then I will have 3 more rows to make.
I have only some of the rows on my design wall because it is easier to reach the blocks and take them down to sew them together. This is an easy quilt for getting things out of order or upside down. So far there have been only a few stitching mistakes because I am taking it one row at a time. I made some cutting errors in the first few rows and cut more strips and made more blocks than I needed (I blame my errors on all the interruptions). I had to be a bit more careful after that to make sure I had enough of the yellow and green. I plan to use the extra blocks on the back; I do not need any more odd blocks for the odd block box.

I have been working in the middle of semi chaos. There are boxes sitting around everywhere but I cleaned off my 2 cutting surfaces and I have been cutting, stitching and pressing in the more organized areas.
When I get to the flimsy stage I might stop or I might layer it up and quilt it and the Anvil quilt when I need to take mental health breaks.


Lori said...

Impressive, Ruth!

Susie said...

You did Mary Ellen proud. This is great.