Monday, May 12, 2014

Piecing a back etc.

I found a nice yellow DS fabric for the back of the anvil quilt and I did not buy enough. I was going to go back and buy more but I needed Jack to take me and he was busy. I am not patient by nature and I decided I would use what I have rather than wait. I pieced the center panel by inserting some left over made fabric; the 2 side panels are the yellow fabric, not pieced

I put together an Anvil block with pieces I had left over; all  of the HST's have different backgrounds. I had a piece of the print that is around the anvil block and I used all of it to surround the block. When I sewed the yellow print on the ends the center looked lonesome so I pieced together 2 strips of 4 inch made  fabric blocks and inserted them in the center of the end pieces.

Close up of made fabric sections - the color on right is true
20 inch wide center panel - the color on the left is true

The whole back is together now and it looks balanced with 20 inch side panels of plain yellow print. I can't get a decent photo of the whole back with my flash or without it. I think maybe yellow is hard to photograph and the poor light inside today doesn't help. I will get a good photo (outside) when I finish the quilt.

It will be a while before I get this quilt finished. I need a better place to layer it up and I am getting pressed for time. Quilt Camp is coming up June 9 -13 and I have some work to do for that. I am putting almost every quilting project on hold so I can get started on organizing for our move in July or August. We moved 2 years ago from one identical space 20 some feet down the hall. That was an easy organizing  and purging move. This will not be so easy; everything will be different and my sewing space is going to be a lot different.

 I start telling everyone in January
 that it is "almost Christmas"
because to me that seems to be true.
Well... July comes before Christmas
and it is really almost here.


carla said...

Hi!!! It is very pretty!!!! Love the fabrics too!!!!

Lori said...

My reader app shows the date of this post as 12/31/1969! Weird. Pretty quilt. Let me know if you want a table to baste on for Saturday.

kathyf said...

We were gossping about you tonight. Someone made a blue quilt with out any visable blue..just like you