Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Change of Plan - Again

I finished adding the zigzag print to the border and I decided to stop.
Maybe I am being lazy but I think that it doesn't look unbalanced.

Yesterday I thought the float border is too wide for the size of the print border and I thought another 2 inch border on the outside of the print would fix it. Today I think it is OK. Maybe a slightly narrower float border would have been better but at this point I am happy with it.

The mitered corners turned out good. I really hate fiddly things like matching those corners but even the final corner matched. I will use the background fabric for the binding and those little brown triangles will not show when the binding is on.
I am not going to use any of the leftovers for the backing as I usually do. This time I think it will look better with just one fabric. I might get the backing pieced before Saturday when the Basement Divas meet and then I can layer it up.  Or maybe this is all the sewing I should do for a while.
July 23 is moving day  and it is coming fast.  I still have a lot of sorting and purging and organizing to do.  I should have been further along but deciding how to finish these borders had me immobilized. Usually; when I can't decide how to proceed, I take a break and clean or organize something.  I have been at that point with packing and organizing where I am not sure what to do next and the mess in the sewing room needs to be sorted out before I can get anything done.
Wish me Luck!

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