Thursday, June 12, 2014

Quilt Camp 2014

Quilt Camp at our church has been going on this week. I think this may be our 8th year; in a post from 2010 I stated that it was our 4th year. Time sure flies when you are having fun and Quilt Camp has always been fun. This year there were 9 participants, 7 girls and 2 boys. Most of the young people this year were first timers with only one returnee.

This collage shows 8 of the quilters with their quilts. I missed one of them because she was quilting her quilt and I didn't get a shot of her holding it up.

I did get a shot of her working.

Here is the whole group with their quilts. I am really amazed at how much they have accomplished in 4 days. Some of the quilts are finished, some of them are nearly finished and will be finished by tomorrow when quilt Camp ends. Three of the quilts will be sent to a long arm quilter and then if help is needed with the bindings we will do it one of our monthly meetings. 

These were comments the young people wrote on the white board about what they learned.

I didn't really work with the quilters this year. I did some work ahead of time behind the scenes and I was there on Monday morning for  a while. I came back today for the photo shoot and pizza party. I have always loved working with the kids at quilt camp and I really missed it this year. There were a great bunch of adult helpers and I kept hearing about what a nice group of kids we had this year and how calm and focused they were. We have always had a nice group of kids, maybe not always focused and maybe not always calm.