Thursday, July 3, 2014

Packing and an old project

Well the packing is coming along. My sewing room is really just a packing and holding area right now. After I folded up the sewing machine table and packed up my machine I got a lot more done. I emptied all of the various drawers in my sewing room and packed up most of the contents. It seems there is always something that really needs to be packed with something from somewhere else and then I have to drag that into the sewing room and get it sorted out.

You can see my progress in these 2 photos. I have a couple of items to put in one of the boxes and then that can be sealed up. There are more boxes to pack and more that are packed in the other room but it is coming along.

This  morning I took everything but the clock down from the walls. I got all horizontal surfaces cleaned off and started gathering all the photographs from all over. I am going to take most of the photographs out of the frames and put them in albums. Of course, as I am going through all of the photos from numerous boxes, I have to look at them. Oh my goodness, Jack and I sure have changed.
When we lived in a large house I never had to store things in boxes under my bed but I had been slowly adding boxes one at a time to the under - bed storage area. Today I  dragged them all out. There were 7 - 32 quart plastic  Rubbermaid boxes and 3 - 16 quart boxes. I guess it is good that we have a king size bed. I am going to need more than one large photo album. Not all the boxes were photos there are some Christmas and season decorations too.
I found one box full of summer pants and wonder of wonders..... they all fit. I think that when I put away dark and heavy clothes, I hung up the long pants to wear but it was still too cool for shorts or Capri's.  I put them in a box under the bed rather than back up on the top closet shelf; then I forgot them. I did kind of wonder why I didn't have more summer clothes but I thought maybe they were too tight and I got rid of them. I feels like I've had and very successful shopping trip.

I didn't want  to write a post with only pictures of bare wall and packing boxes and I have nothing new to show.  I decided to show something that I made a few years ago before I started blogging.
 These 3 piece were made when the basement ladies were working our way through Ruth McDowell's piecing workbook  (we were not yet the Basement Divas). the two larger pieces are about 21 inches square and the smaller piece is about 12 inches. The one on the top left is the one from the book. There were 5 or six different piecing exercises that went into piecing the 3 leaves and piecing them together into one piece with the circle and the square. I don't remember if the curved piecing was an exercise from her book or if it was from somewhere else. I had the orange floral fabric in my stash; I had purchased the large and small scale fabric sometime earlier for something that I never  made. After I used it for the border on the first piece I wanted to use the curved piecing to surround the one large motif in the second piece but I wanted it to be different so I reversed  the placement  to put the black fabric on the outside. I had "musical chairs" block left over from and earlier basement project from the "Quilters Playtime" book project and I used the smaller scale orange fabric for a narrow 1/4 inch inner border and kind if mimicked  the curves of the borders to make an asymmetrical border. I faced the last piece instead of using binding. I tried something new with each of these pieces and I made them to all be hung together. And hang together they do, in the closet. As with so many things, I make what the fabric or the technique leads me to do and while I may like it very much, it doesn't really fit in with everything else in my home.

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