Friday, July 11, 2014


We are making progress but it sure is a mess around here. After Jack got all his stuff sorted out he attacked turned his thoughts to the hall closet and my sewing room. We tend to have different ideas about how things should be done and we were both pretty cranky for a while. It's a good thing we really like each other and we can laugh at ourselves or it might have been ugly.
He moved all of my boxes of fabric into the living room and started packing them in boxes. I wasn't too pleased with the way he packed the plastic boxes in the moving boxes but all of those boxes below are now packed up. The sofa is no longer visible with boxes stacked 3 high in front of it.
The pile of boxes in my sewing room is getting higher than the top of my head and my shelves are now empty; and only about 3 quilts and a tree skirt hang in the closet. The quilts are pieces that I don't want to fold up because they have fused and interfaced applique that would probably be permanently creased. That pile of hangers on my chair is from all the quilts in one half of the closet.
I spent a couple of hours yesterday folding quilts on the bias and then I put them in drawers that I had emptied of  things that the movers want out of the drawers. I assume that if we can leave clothing in drawers quilts are OK too.

I don't have quilt photos to post, only a stack of 6 flimsies. I think that is a pretty respectable number of UFOs, unless you count the big King size hand quilted UFO that is more than 10 years old.

Almost all of my sewing tools and supplies are packed. I only have one thing available to work on. I am  going to use this 12 inch block as a learning piece for piping hot piping when the Basement Divas meet on the 19th. Fellow Diva Jan is going to teach how to use the piping tool and add piping. I don't know that this was the best thing to use but it was right on top in my box of blocks and now it is the only thing I have that is not packed and sealed. Our group at church  meets tomorrow and I hope I can get it layered and quilted then as there are no horizontal surfaces available for my sewing machine.
I am starting to pack the contents of the kitchen cabinets. From no on if we eat at home it will be on disposable dishes, except maybe for our coffee mugs. I don't like my coffee in a disposable cup and get cranky when I can't have a mug at the coffee shop because it is close to closing time.
There are only 10 more days before our moving date so I may not post again before then. In case I don't post do not think I have fallen off the face of the earth.

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