Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Tree Skirt Again

When our church group had our retreat we took some time on Saturday afternoon To visit a couple of quilt shops. i was looking for Christmas charm packs but didn't see any but I saw a kit in one of the shops that included a layer cake Solstice by Kate Spain. I didn't want the kit but that was the only way to buy the layer cake. I guess I could have waited but now that we have move it is not so easy anymore to get out to the quilt shops.

I cut the layer cake into 5 inch squares over the weekend and and on Monday I sorted them into rows of 5 squares to a row in the way I want to sew them together. Here they are on a tray in stacks of 5 squares. Right now they are in order but after I cut wedges with a 9 degree ruler the order will likely change some.

 I made 2 tree skirts using this tutorial from Annie (Freezeframe), It is  good tutorial and not hard to do.The one on the left is the second one that I made.

 I am still quilting the MEH challenge. These blocks are 4 1/2 inches  and I am wishing that I had made smaller blocks;  I am going to have to do some quilting in the negative spaces.
It is not going to be quick!


Annie said...

Oh, Ruthie!, I love your fabric collection choice for your next tree skirt!!! Can't wait to see it wedged and stitched together! You have reminded me of another idea that I've meant to work on....LoL How easily I flitter from one quilty idea to the next and some get forgotten for awhile. Now get back to your tree skirt cause I'm anxious to see it done! :-)

krpainter said...

I love your tree shirt. The prairie points on the edge are a nice touch! You inspire me!