Thursday, October 9, 2014


It is really bad when I have no pictures of anything quilty to post about. I am stitching straight lines on the MEH project and one photo looks like another.
However... I think I might work this pattern up in EQ and give it a try. This is a Kleenex box that was in a large Kleenex package in assorted patterns. I noticed just now as I am sitting here that where the ends of the box are folded to make the box square the pattern is perfectly matched. I like the colors and I think I can come up with an easy pattern. Could this be desperation because I've had nothing much for a long time to post about quilting?

I am finding inspiration here in our new location, though I am not sure I can interpret it in a quilt.
 These first 2 photos are both shots of the same view from the front side of the house. It was a foggy morning last week  and the angle of the sun gave  a golden glow to the fog. Of course it is impossible to capture that exactly.

This photo was taken on the other side of the house in August about 7:45PM. I have always loved the way the sun shines in the windows or filters through the trees at that time of day when the sun is low in the sky. This too gave the air a golden glow.  I came across these photos when I was looking for birthday party pictures to put in a digital album. I also found this one below.

These are the animals who have trained me as a companion. When I got up very early one morning they came in the sewing room to keep me company. The dog just went to sleep in  the corner but the cat sat on my sewing chair and talked to me. This has now become their habit. Kitty frequently looks me up and talks to me. I thought she was saying meow but I have learned her language and I have come to understand that she is saying nnnow. Meaning she wants to eat NOW or she wants to go out NOW or she wants me to sit down in the recliner and provide a lap for her to sit on NOW whereupon she will allow me to pet her.

Being a companion has it's perks; kitty provides some extra warmth when I am cold and walking the dog adds about 4800 steps of good exercise.

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Lori said...

Hi Ruth,

Very interesting pattern. At first I thought it was Weaver Fever but then realized that they don't criss cross in the same way. Pretty, especially in those colors.