Saturday, December 20, 2014

A Big Birthday

Today was another one of those milestone birthdays, the big 8 - 0. It was a family day and my kids, grand kids, and great grand kids were all here with the exception of one grandson who lives out of town.  It was a nice day and though I have been unseated as the family Scrabble champion I had a great time.
We got a four generation picture of women in the family me, my daughter and her daughter, and my grandsons daughter. We missed my daughters other daughter who had to leave early and we didn't get my daughter in law in the photo. We  didn't get  photos of any of the men. Maybe we will do better Christmas Eve.

W e did get a shot of me with the great grand kids and the birthday cake; their ages are from 8 -12. It is not easy to get a picture with everyone looking good but this one turned out pretty good.
That is the celebration tablecloth on the table. I had dyed fabric at a guild workshop 20 + years ago and I was going to throw it away recently because it ran when I washed it. However, I fished it out of the waste basket and made 16 patch checkerboard blocks and added a  bright border. I thought if the colors  ran "so what". Some of them did run when it was washed and you can see it on the solid yellow back but the front looks OK and it think it makes a nice family tradition to put it on the cake table.


Annie said...

Happy Birthday Ruthie! I hesitate to say you look awesome, but you do. You certainly don't look 80, that's for sure. I hope I follow in your youthful footsteps. That's a perfect celebration quilt. Especially great that you realized it was worthy of a fishing expedition. Wishing you many more great birthdays to come.

kathyf said...

We missed you on Sat but we talked about you. I am honored that you are my friend. Here's to many more happy years.

Lori said...

Wonderful photos! What a happy bunch! I am glad you had a happy birthday! We missed you. It just isn't the same without your creative energy and smiling face!

Dianne said...

So glad your birthday was as special as you are!!!! What great memories you all made on your birthday! Congratulations! Dianne

Jan said...

Happy 80th Birthday Ruth!!
It looks like you also had another great time!
What a nice family!
Looking forward to seeing you in February...or sooner.


LynneP said...

How very special for you and for your family to be altogether! Great 4 gen photo!

krpainter said...

OH, what a wonderful look marvelous!! Happy Birthday!