Thursday, January 1, 2015

Happy New Year

Happy New Year to everyone. We did nothing exciting but we managed to stay up until midnight. Jack and I have both been sick so not up to doing much. Jack had his usual winter cough for couple of weeks and then came down with the flu on Christmas day. After a trip to the ED he spent the next 3 days being miserable. He is much better now but still has his cough. I did not get the flu but have a sinus infection that is resolving.

Yesterday I felt restless after being house bound and not feeling up to doing much. I dragged out the "made fabric" kitty blocks I started in November.  I finished 9 blocks and put them together and finished a little wall hanging. This is not going to be for the cat to sit on. I am going to hang it on the sewing room wall above my sewing machine. Kitty has enough quilts to sit on and I need the color and whimsy on my sewing room wall.

Since our move I have not done a lot of quilting and have had occasional thoughts of packing up all my quilting paraphernalia and putting my sewing room to better use.

However....... I think I need to get things organized better so that I do not get discouraged before I even start. I had done a good job of packing for the move in order to get things set up easily. But my stuff took a back seat to getting other things done and I brought out things that I needed and then put them away in temporary places. Well you can guess how well that has worked out. I can't find a lot of things.
After the Christmas decorations are packed up again and put away, I will be going through everything and purging and rearranging. I have a Diva challenge to think about and a memory quilt and a wedding quilt to make. There is a retreat coming up with the group from church and the annual Jelly Roll Race in February. I really need to connect with real live quilting friends. In the meantime I will continue check out all the blogs I have found inspirational and when the obstacles are gone I hope I will be back to feeling creative again..


Annie said...

Really Ruthie, there's a better use for a room than a sewing room?! Yes, I can see you are not yet feeling up to par. LoL. I was so glad to read on about all your upcoming sewing plans. That bright whimsical kitty quilt is so much fun!

Lori said...

Happy new year, Ruth! Looking forward to seeing you soon. If there is any way I can help to make that happen, just say the word!

Dianne said...

Ruth....when you don't physically feel well, the world looks gray. Don't dispair though...a major dose of the Divas is just the ticket!!! If you need help organizing, just let me know and I will be happy to help you purge and reorganize.....that is, if I can figure out where you live!!!!!! By the way...the kitty quilt is wonderful.....Dianne

kathyf said...

Hey, you better not quit. We sure miss you. Come play with us soon.

Susie said...

Nothing like the jelly roll race to start the new year out inspired. Sounds like some Diva time is in order. We miss you.

Lauren Woods said...

Excellent! It's good that you've kept and got all the cool stuff there. Don't immediatley discard the stuff you feel you don't need, though. I'm sure there are ways in which those can be made to benefit you. For now though, better pack them right. Thanks for sharing that, by the way! All the best to you!

Lauren Woods @ Adhesive Tapes

Lena said...

Hallo Quiltfriend!
Sooo many nice quilts you have done.Catcrazy as I am,I love your wall hanging with cats.Lovely!
I have a blog too,so if you want to take a trip to my sewing room, the address is here;
Many greetings from Lena in Stockholm,Sweden.Have a great quilt year!