Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Life gets in the way

Some times  life gets in the way of what we plan to do. I had intended to move things around in my sewing room and get things arranged (and found) so I could do some quilting. Jack had recovered from the flu but we had other things to do first and then He got sick again.
He got very sick, very fast and has been in the hospital with pneumonia since last Thursday. He is well enough to go home and we will be on our way to get him in a few minutes. 

Since I haven't any new projects to show I will show you what I have on my walls. After we took all the Christmas stuff down it was looking rather dull in here.
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This is what I hung above my sewing machine. The snowman is my 8 x  10 little winter picture that I used to slip on to one of those plastic display stands. I have one for every month. I started making them for my mother in law when she was in the nursing home.On the left are three 5 x 7 colorwash "cards" made with 1 1/4 inch squares.

This is on the design board on the opposite wall. It is 35 x 36 and I made it what the Basement Divas were working on bargello pieces. I wanted something smaller that I big quilt and I wanted to use the "All that Jazz" fabric. My daughter came in the sewing room the other day and saw it and said it would look nice in the family room. I think I have a lot of things she has never seen.

There is an abundance of art work in the hospital hall and lobbies and I have some ideas from seeing it.
 First things first, after we get Jack home we'll see where it leads.


Mary Ann said...

Glad to hear Jack's coming home. Take care.

Dianne said...

Oh Ruth....what a tough beginning to the new year this has been for your family.....glad you are bringing Jack home. Love your "All that Jazz" wall Hanging!! Dianne

kathyf said...

I am so glad Jack is coming home. You two have to stay well now.
"All that Jazz" is the perfect Diva project because it covered so many aspects of what we do. Being a test subject for teaching a class, that curved border from all that curves stuff we did and you bringing in the spotlight motifs from your geese in the air projects.It's good to see it again.