Monday, February 2, 2015

Ready to Quilt

I am finally ready to quilt the "Scrappy Trips" summer tablecloth.  I thought I had a quilt batt that I had not opened but I found that I had opened it and used a large piece of it. A trip to Joanns or a quilt shop was not going to happen so I ordered batting on line and picked it up at the local Walmart store.

Here it is layered with just the batting. When I use a quilt for a tablecloth I like to turn it pillowcase style instead of binding the edges. I'm not sure why I like it better but I do. In the long run it is not really easier. First I layer the top and batting and pin it all around the edges with some pins across the whole top to keep it from shifting. Then I stitch a bit less than 1/4 inch from the edge all around and trim the batting even with the edge of the top.

Here is the same corner after I layered the top and the batting stitched at the edges, right sides together, with the backing and stitched it all around except for an opening for turning. After I turned it right sides out I smoothed it out and pin basted it, repositioning the pins that were just through the batting.
Because I am not sure how I am going to quilt this, I haven't started quilting it yet. After it snowed all day long today I am sure I will be staying in all day tomorrow so I will have plenty of time to work on it.


kathyf said...

Beautiful. Any day you post is a happy day for me.

Dianne said... glad you are sewing....wonderful table topper! Hope to see you at the Jelly Roll Race! Dianne