Saturday, March 14, 2015

Prep stage

This is where I am now in the preparation stage of my next big project. I have all the strips cut from the layer cakes and some from the raindrops bundle. I added four more fabrics that are from another line and I'm going to have to find more fabric for 100 more inches x 2 1/2. I don't want to buy another layer cake or Jelly roll and precuts are all I can find locally in this line. I changed my mind about the pattern I want to use and now I'm coming up short.
I have also decided that I really do not like working with precut fabric if the precuts are supposed to be the size I need. A few of my pieces were almost a 1/4 inch short. I knew this from previous experience but I forgot. The day I finally got a chance to get out to shop, when I found something I liked and layer cakes were all they had, I bought 2. Now it appears that no one else that is within an hours drive carries this line.

 I've been here before but after I started using EQ, I no longer found I didn't have what I needed. I have been working from stash and scraps for a long time and I have gotten out of the habit of planning first before shopping. Ah well...... I also know from experience that this kind of situation forces me to become creative and sometimes find a solution that turns into a better quilt. I am hoping that will be the way it works this time.

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