Wednesday, May 6, 2015

A Stop on the Way to a Clean Room

I have been cleaning up my sewing space so I can start over and make a new mess. I have been sorting my leftovers from the big quilt project and putting them away in the appropriate places (scrap containers, strips boxes, Ziploc bags of squares sorted by size and larger boxes sorted by color).

Today when I was putting more things away I came across this.

When I went to the April meeting of the Basement Divas, I received a bag that I would have gotten at the Jellyroll Race. One of the "prizes" was a bag containing a 16 inch Star in a Star block, leftover HST"s, a number of 5 inch squares, a bunch of triangles in red, white and blue, and 2 - 5" X WOF
strips. On the left is what I sorted one evening while I watched TV;  the 16 inch block is on the right

I really don't need to have anything more hanging around in an unfinished (or never to be finished) state. So..... I put it up on a blank space on a design board that was just waiting to be put to use.
I made some HST's from some of the already cut triangles and added a row of blocks around the existing block and now I have this 24 inch piece. I think I will look up some dark blue leftover fabric  and use it for a back and binding, maybe a border if there is enough.

Then I will get back to putting everything away.


Annie said...

This is a beauty! I really like how you've expanded the star and the fabric arrangements are so pleasing to the eye. Well done Ruthie! I too am cleaning my play space in order to create a new mess.

Dianne said...

What is one Diva's trash becomes another Diva's treasure! Dianne