Thursday, July 9, 2015

I have a Flimsy

I worked on putting the made fabric blocks together on and off through the day yesterday and I finished it after dinner. I decided to miter the corners on the borders; I usually do my best to avoid miters. As always I was pleased to see how well they came out and how easy it was after all.

 I shuffled the blocks around before I added the sashing because I needed to see where I would add the vertical sashing strips and without the sashing it was easier to see where like fabrics were clumped together.

I wanted the bird patches not to be lined up in any of the rows. The block with the darker green patch had the bird fabric where I wanted it so..... instead of taking out the block with the darker green patch I adding that fabric to 2 more blocks.

I worked on rearranging over and over for about 40 minutes. When I concentrated on the birds and moved a block the distribution of color would be upset. There were some fabrics that stood out more than others and I didn't want them clumped together. Each time I moved a block with one of those fabrics something else wasn't right. I finally felt satisfied that it was as good as it was going to be and my canine friend Tux came in the room for a visit. When I greeted him, he wagged his tail and swept half the blocks off the design board.  I gasped at what he had done and moved the design board up to the table top. I was reminded of the time I was working on arranging 2 inch squares in a colorwash. Jack walked in the room and when I asked what he thought he leaned over and blew on the arrangement and a dozen or so 2 inch squares blew off the wall; that time it was Jack that gasped.

 Tux is really a good dog and has very good manners and is very obedient.
He is also a good companion.
That goes for both of these guys.

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kathyf said...

Love the quilt. I am so happy to see you posting again.