Wednesday, July 15, 2015


My granddaughter told me that when she was visiting her sister there was a really pretty quilted center piece on the table..............

This is the one I made for her 2 years ago.

 ........but they were using Halloween place mats.

I made these in 2012.

So Monday we stopped at the quilt shop and I bought this bundle.
For her birthday, I am going to make 6 place mats from the "Take Four" pattern and a table topper of some kind.

I know I am going to use the 4 fabrics on the left. From the pile on the right, I will  use the red dot fabric and one of the 2 greens on either side of it, probably the solid looking fabric.

 I am going to use this fabric on the back of 2 of the place mats for her 2 boys. I have a strip 15" x 62 left over from making pillowcases for the boys almost 2 years ago.

Hmmmm.... maybe
 I should put it on the back of 3 place mats 
(one for their Dad).
 I think I will....
 Then, if their
 cousin comes for dinner, 
Dad can give up his place mat 
and use one of the floral ones.

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Annie said...

Love your story Ruthie! And the new placemat fabrics are so pretty. I love the color combination. Looking forward to seeing everything complete.