Friday, November 20, 2015

The Salon

No quilting to show today, just this bit of fun.
My daughter in law and my daughter were touching up their hair and dying their eyebrows. They asked if I wanted my eyebrows dyed too.
So....... here we are

From left to right it is my DIL Ruth, my daughter Marty, and me; all of us have dye on our eyebrows.  It was really hard to keep  a straight face for the photo shot and even harder when we saw the photos.
We should have taken an "after" shot. 


Annie said...

Such a familiar sight that I have seen in my mirror every month! hahaha Love it Ruthie!

Lori said...

It is true that we question whether anyone not hanging out with us regularly could possibly be having fun. Gee, what does that say about us? Great photo!