Tuesday, January 27, 2015


The weather isn't really terrible and I think the roads are probably not bad but we are staying in. Jack hasn't been outside since he was in the hospital with pneumonia and he thought he would like to wait another day before going out. I am currently not driving so I am staying in until he goes out.
So what to do when I can't shop for fabric or quilting supplies. Well.........I have some UFO's and some flimsys and almost flimsys and a box of odd blocks and a box or HST's and a box of cut squares of various sizes. There should be something I can do!

I chose an almost flimsy to work on. This photo is from March 2013 when it was up on my design wall before I sewed the blocks together.  I sewed the blocks but that was as far as I got as it was long and narrow 48 x 72. I didn't have many strips of the same fabrics to make more blocks   so I stopped to think about it and it lived in my closet

Today I got it out and thought about what I could do with it.  Not good for a twin bed, not really a good size for a throw, not good for a wall hanging, hmmm maybe a table cloth. I put it on the table and it almost fit, just a bit short on the overhang. Could this be what I was rolling around in my mind before I put it away? I think it was. I added a 3 inch border; you can see a section of it on the right. I had used that fabric in some of the blocks and I had a pretty good size piece of it so it was a natural choice.

Here is the flimsy on the table and it fits perfectly with the 3 inch border which doesn't show in this shot.

Below is a twin size vintage sheet that I will use on the back. I bought this years ago for a table cloth  for a large plywood party table my husband made for a Polynesian party. It is in perfect condition with no wear or stains. I have  packaged batting that I bought not long ago, maybe to use for this, but I got side tracked and I don't remember if it was for this or not. (it's that senior thing, you know).

Now I can get his layered up and quilted and who cares it I am house bound for a few more days.

Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Life gets in the way

Some times  life gets in the way of what we plan to do. I had intended to move things around in my sewing room and get things arranged (and found) so I could do some quilting. Jack had recovered from the flu but we had other things to do first and then He got sick again.
He got very sick, very fast and has been in the hospital with pneumonia since last Thursday. He is well enough to go home and we will be on our way to get him in a few minutes. 

Since I haven't any new projects to show I will show you what I have on my walls. After we took all the Christmas stuff down it was looking rather dull in here.
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This is what I hung above my sewing machine. The snowman is my 8 x  10 little winter picture that I used to slip on to one of those plastic display stands. I have one for every month. I started making them for my mother in law when she was in the nursing home.On the left are three 5 x 7 colorwash "cards" made with 1 1/4 inch squares.

This is on the design board on the opposite wall. It is 35 x 36 and I made it what the Basement Divas were working on bargello pieces. I wanted something smaller that I big quilt and I wanted to use the "All that Jazz" fabric. My daughter came in the sewing room the other day and saw it and said it would look nice in the family room. I think I have a lot of things she has never seen.

There is an abundance of art work in the hospital hall and lobbies and I have some ideas from seeing it.
 First things first, after we get Jack home we'll see where it leads.

Thursday, January 1, 2015

Happy New Year

Happy New Year to everyone. We did nothing exciting but we managed to stay up until midnight. Jack and I have both been sick so not up to doing much. Jack had his usual winter cough for couple of weeks and then came down with the flu on Christmas day. After a trip to the ED he spent the next 3 days being miserable. He is much better now but still has his cough. I did not get the flu but have a sinus infection that is resolving.

Yesterday I felt restless after being house bound and not feeling up to doing much. I dragged out the "made fabric" kitty blocks I started in November.  I finished 9 blocks and put them together and finished a little wall hanging. This is not going to be for the cat to sit on. I am going to hang it on the sewing room wall above my sewing machine. Kitty has enough quilts to sit on and I need the color and whimsy on my sewing room wall.

Since our move I have not done a lot of quilting and have had occasional thoughts of packing up all my quilting paraphernalia and putting my sewing room to better use.

However....... I think I need to get things organized better so that I do not get discouraged before I even start. I had done a good job of packing for the move in order to get things set up easily. But my stuff took a back seat to getting other things done and I brought out things that I needed and then put them away in temporary places. Well you can guess how well that has worked out. I can't find a lot of things.
After the Christmas decorations are packed up again and put away, I will be going through everything and purging and rearranging. I have a Diva challenge to think about and a memory quilt and a wedding quilt to make. There is a retreat coming up with the group from church and the annual Jelly Roll Race in February. I really need to connect with real live quilting friends. In the meantime I will continue check out all the blogs I have found inspirational and when the obstacles are gone I hope I will be back to feeling creative again..