Saturday, January 2, 2016

Happy New Year and 2015 Finishes

Happy  New Year everyone.

I pray in every way it will be a better year for everyone everywhere.

2015 was not a bad year for us personally. Jack had some health issues but he is doing well.
Two grandson's got married and one became engaged, all happy occasions. Our son and his wife moved 3 hours away, which is not too far and we see them often.
I did some gardening and Jack and I did some yard work this fall, I did the raking of leaves and he drove the tractor to the dumping grounds in the wooded area. We enjoyed all of it. I did have a little setback in the summer after I saw 2 snakes where I was working. However, I never saw them again and I got over being afraid of seeing them.  We'll see how that works in the spring and summer; it is easy to be brave when I don't see the snakes.

I didn't make a lot of quilts in 2015 and I didn't keep track of them very well. I don't even have  a picture of the finished quilt I made as a wedding gift  for my grandson and his wife. It was the biggest project of the year for me.

This photo showing the long arm quilting. is the only I have of the finished quilt.

This collage shows blocks on the design wall, the border on the one corner, and the top and backing ready to go to the long arm quilter.

If anyone is interested in seeing more it is all under Fresh Cut  on the side bar.

If I remember right, after I got it back from the quilter;  due to the size, I wasn't able to get a shot of the whole thing without help. I had to get it wrapped and delivered before anyone to help was available.

These 3 quilts are bed and throw size and were unfinished projects from other years. The flimsy on the right was from a friend; she gave it to me when I admired it.

The two on top here are wall hangings and the two on the bottom are baby quilts. The one on the right is the back;  I can't find a photo of the front.

These below are table runners and toppers, place mats and pot holders.

These are the table runners and mats I finished in December.

So.......... here we are.  It is 2016 and I feel as though I didn't accomplish very much.

I am planning to evaluate the options for making my sewing room more user friendly. When using what worked in a previous space, things don't always work out well. I found I lost interest by the time I moved everything around for each step (like cutting and pressing) of whatever project  on which I was working. I may have to replace some of my storage solutions and maybe even some furniture. If I don't find a satisfactory solution I probably won't be sewing much.
Wish me luck
 I am not ready to quit.

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Dianne said...

I think you had an impressive amount of projects documented! Happy New Year, Ruth!!