Monday, February 29, 2016

Another Neighborhood House

I finished another house for the Neighborhood Block Party. I plan to get them in the mail tomorrow.

I had great grand kids here Sunday and 3 of them wanted to sew. We were going through all of my boxes of fabric to find something they wanted to use and I pulled out some fabric  for another house. You can check out some of the other houses here

I like making houses but I had trouble getting these houses the right size. I had to redo the left side of this one as it was 1/2 inch too small so now it is a bit offside. I should stick to wonky for improv piecing.

The kids all wanted to make something different so it got hectic. Although I planned to get some photos of them working  I was so busy helping everyone that  I never got even one pic.


tubakk said...

What a lovely house. I love making houses, too.

zerry ht said...

This house for the Neighborhood Block Party is looking fabulous. Thank you very much for sharing these photos. I am also going to host a cute party on my husband’s birthday and have made plans for a surprise party at one of his favorite venues in NYC. Hopefully he will like my surprise.