Monday, May 2, 2016

Table Runner

I am taking a break before moving along with my diamond nine patch Autumn Leaves quilt. I am not sure how I want to proceed.
The ladies I have been sewing with decided on another table runner. I took the pattern sheet home and put the basic block in EQ7 and started to play with the way I might color it.Then, I missed the next sewing day because I somehow did not load the information into my memory that the day was changed. After I bought the fabric for it, I couldn't find the pattern. So I played with the pattern in EQ.

This is the 6 inch block and below it is the pattern we were  everyone else was using. It is 2 blocks wide and a border of 3 inch squares on 2 sides that complete the pattern

This is my EQ version with the print fabric that I scanned into the program. I just used the solid looking fabrics in the EQ library that were similar to the fabrics I was using; no need to scan everything just to work out the design.

And this is the one that I made. It worked up really fast. I worked on it Friday when the ladies got together but I got hardly anything done because I wasted a lot of time getting my machine working right. I am unfamiliar with my traveling machine and I had a tension problem; it took me forever to figure out that I had something threaded wrong. I worked on it on Saturday for a couple of hours and  finished quilting it today after church. It is quiletd in the ditch with off white thread and across the squares with primary colored variagated thread using the #4 Bernina stitch.

 Anyone who knows me knows I am not fast; when I say something is fast, it is. It is 42 x 17, so maybe the reason it was fast is because it isn't very big and it was pretty simple and straight forward. A nice change from putting the diamond 9 patch rows together, which really caused a lot of frustration. There was one group of blocks that were similar and in every row, I sewed I had to keep putting them back up on the design board after I sewed the blocks in pairs to get the order right. I had to take a lot of breaks to prevent myself from tearing out my hair.

You might think that I would worry 
about getting the sewing day mixed up
 and losing the pattern
 and getting my diamond  9 patch blocks mixed up
 with each row that I sewed.
 I would worry if this was something new,
 I have been like this all my life.
We are always searching for something I have misplaced. 
Our most used expression around here is.

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