Saturday, June 11, 2016

Design Wall

I have been struggling with a 4 x 4 foot design "wall" for a while. There have been reasons why I never really got what I wanted. There are 2 walls that could be used but my furniture arrangement didn't leave any wall space to use.  When you have things that worked in one space they do not always fit into another same size space that has windows and doors in a different configuration. I had also brought some things in to my sewing room that were not in my previous sewing room. Those additions are things I need for storage for things that are not sewing related but the sewing room is the only place they can go. Over time, we moved furniture around and put up shelves  and hung some "design boards" and on a few occasions I improvised when I needed a larger design wall. Every time I made something that didn't fit on the wall I used our bed as a design space. We talked about what to do but it is hard to know what to do when you don't know what you want.

Yesterday we bought some insulation board and I covered it with flannel. Jack put them up beside and below my 4 x 4 feet "wall" and my design wall grew to 75 inches by 62 inches. Well, almost....... I still have one section that will go below the new part on the right.

I was able to put all my DNP blocks up on the wall (there are 4 blocks on the bottom right that are pinned to the ones above). This is probably as large a wall that I will ever need when I get the other board covered and up on the wall.
I think my space has evolved to where it will function well. I have everything I need in places that are easy for me to work in. I like it!


Catherine Cole said...

Glad you got your bigger wall. It is better to see your layout on the wall than the floor.

Annie said...

Excellent Ruthie! Just excellent! Where there is a will, there is a way. I've worked off of a bed in the past as well, and it just doesn't work as well. I was always standing on a chair to get a better look. Enjoy your new design wall!