Wednesday, June 8, 2016

Disappearing Ninepatch

The ladies I have been quilting with are working on Disappearing Ninepatches. I have made several DNP quilts over the past few years but it is new to the other ladies. It is a nice easy pattern and it works up fast and looks like a lot more work than it is. There are also so many variations that the quilts don't all look like the same pattern.

These are two of the original nine patch blocks. I made 19 of these. The red dots and the white background prints are the 2 "constants" in all the blocks. When I put the blocks together I mixed up the corners instead of making them all the same. I wanted to make sure I that I used some of all the fabrics. I knew I would not have enough of the light background if I miscalculated what I would need from each of the corner prints.

I had to make 6 half nine patch blocks because I didn't have enough of the light fabric to cut enough 5 inch squares. I thought I would have to get more fabric but from each 5" strip there was a leftover piece that was big enough to cut a 2 1/2 inch rectangle.

I bought a bundle of Moda fabrics ("Strawberry Fields" by Figtree) when I was shopping for a yellow fabric to use in place mats that I was making. When I decided to use the bundle in the DNP I went back and bought yardage of 2 of the fabrics in the bundle to use as the "constants" in all of the blocks. Anymore, it is a big deal for me to get out to the quilt shop so when I get there I always have to look around and make sure I do not miss something that I can't live without. I found another bundle of fabrics "Farmhouse" by Figtree that works perfectly with "Strawberry Fields". I had some leftovers of "Fresh Cut" from the wedding gift quilt that I made last year; they work well too. All together they make a nice variety.

These are blocks that that I have cut from the ninepatches. I am not sure yet how I will  lay them out. I have worked out a layout in EQ but I will make my decision when they are up on the wall.
Today when I get together with the other ladies I will cut the 9 patch blocks in quarters and square them all up to the same size.

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