Sunday, July 24, 2016

Quilting the DNP

I rearranged my sewing room for machine quilting on Friday and started quilting the Disappearing Nine Patch. This is the first machine quilting I have done that needed a rearrangement since we relocated some of the furniture. I spent most of the afternoon and early evening fooling around with different configurations. My original plan would have blocked the 3 drawers on the left side of my desk.

This is the arrangement I settled on. I turned my sewing machine around in the table to give me 2 less inches on the left  so I can sit closer to the table and small chest that is supporting the quilt. It is a little more difficult changing the bobbin but all in all it is working well.

Lucy has turned out to be a very self possessed, independent, friendly little cat. Likes to hang out with her people and she seems to have a need to inspect EVERYTHING.

She was fascinated with the moving parts of the machine.

She crawled inside the folded over corner of the DNP quilt I am working on and thought she was going to settle down there. I had to banish her from the sewing room so I could move the quilt around.


kathyf said...

It must feel wonderful to be able to quilt again.

Ruth said...

Yes Kathy, it does feel good. I am so happy this arrangement worked out well. I had been considering some other changes in my room but as this worked out well it won't be necessary.

Annie said...

Well how dare you displace Lucy! LoL. Your quilting space is luxury to me. You should see the tight space I quilt in. You would gasp! I'm looking forward to seeing this pretty quilt all finished.