Wednesday, August 17, 2016


Today is Wednesday and this is the post  that I thought I published on Monday. Not sure what happened; nothng much has changed except I decided on the red border and cut the strips in readiness to sew them on at our quilting get together today. I was all prepared to go but woke up late not feeling good. I will probably leave it all  packed up and ready for next week.

Monday, August 14, 2016
I made the rest of the blocks for the little piece I am making with the block of the month project with my small group  of quilting friends.  I finally got 9 blocks finished and sewed together. Making 6 inch blocks from this pattern was a lot  more fussy than fun.

This is the EQ  version that I had planned. After I made the center block I didn't like it. I  played with the layout in EQ using different color placement and combinations.

This is the fabric versions that I decided on. Most of my points are sharp but it wasn't easy and it isn't perfect, however it is acceptable. I will not be making anything again soon that is small and fussy.

I am ready to add 3 inch borders when I decide which fabric I like. Initially, I planned on the green print (on the left) but I am leaning toward the red print (on the right). With 3 inch borders this will be 24 inches.  I like it well enough to keep but I really don't need another table topper or small wall hanging and that is a good size for a gift.

I will put this off until tomorrow when the quilting friends get together. I can get my backing ready and get some feed back before I cut and add the borders. If I get the rest of my stuff together for tomorrow, for once I can be ready to go before the last minute.

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Annie said...

A pretty piece! Personally I like the red border, so my vote goes to that side. LoL