Saturday, January 7, 2017

Starting out 2017

Well the trees are down and the ornaments packed up. the Christmas quilts are packed away and my design wall and bulletin boards are clear. However, I am not ready to start any sewing because my sewing room is, not really a mess, but full of stuff that should go to the basement.

Monday will see the start of a big basement waterproofing project. Though the basement has never
had a water/flood problem it is damp and they want to make it damp proof and that involves a very big waterproofing project. After that all the existing walls will be coming  down and everything will be changed. So for awhile I have extra stuff in  my sewing room.  I just can't see myself dealing with moving everything around in order to sew or cut.

I do have a finish, kind of. It really isn't my own project. My granddaughter in law started this tote bag close to 3 years ago. I think it was before they were even engaged.
We were having some quilting lessons and after piecing a few blocks she wanted to make something she would finish and actually use. I'm beleive the lime green batik was her own fabric; she chose the black batik and the cat print from my stash. I came across this when I was putting Christmas things away and it was all finished except for sewing on the straps and the binding around the top. I decided to finish it because we have not had another lesson in all that time and I don't see one in the near (or maybe even distant)future. 

Maybe this is the time to get out my BIG UFO that I started in 2000. I have not worked on it for a very long time because it is hand quilted.  My hands are not really good for hand quilting anymore but most of the quilting inside the borders is finished. If I can get that done I can do the borders on the machine as it is all in the ditch quilting.

There are overlapping circles in the sashings and concentric circles in the center of the blocks but there are not too many of those left to do. 
 It would be so nice to finish this. I am sure it will be slow going and my stitches won't be as small as the ones that are already there. That just doesn't seem so important anymore.

I am pretty sure I know where my Q-Snap frame is and I just now looked to see where the quilt is stashed. I am going to give it a try.

I am quite sure my friend Lucy will be keeping me company.

She likes to get right up on my sewing table and settle down where she can watch what I am doing.

I really don't continue to sew when she gets that close. I know what it feels like to put a machine needle through my  paw finger.

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Annie said...

Well you scared me with Lucy! I thought sure you were going say you stitched her paw. Whew! That was a close one. LoL. I too know what it's like to have a machine needle go through my thumb...the nail too. I was very young and very scared but I didn't tell anyone thinking sure they would never let me use a sewing machine again. Man it was so hard to get that needle out of my thumb without letting anyone know that it was happening. It hurt! That's a cute bag for your Granddaughter. I'll bet she'll be so surprised to see it again and all done. Also, what a beautiful quilt. I hope you don't struggle too much finishing it.