Thursday, March 16, 2017

Still Alive and OK

I ran into some friends today in the quilt shop and one of them told me she checks my blog and hasn't seen any action for a while. She told me I should just post that I am still here and OK. With nothing much going on I just haven't had anything to write about but am still here and I'M OK.

After the waterproofing project in the basement things came to a halt and I still have all my Christmas storage boxes taking up space in my sewing room. I took me a while to get things moved around and sorted out before I had any room to sew.

I found several 5 inch charm packs and an overabundance of small pieces left over from the last few quilts. I decided to cut the charms into 2 1/2 inch pieces and make 4 patches and then I sewed the 4 patches together in groups of 6. I am going to put borders around them and make placemats. They are not very exciting but it is something to do until I hit on something that excites me.

I went fabric shopping today for the border fabric. Actually getting out to the quilt shop was pretty exciting for me, especially when I ran into 2 quilting friends.

This is one of the placemats laying on top of the border fabric that I already had. Most of these checkerboard fabrics are from the wedding quilt I made 2 years ago.

This is one of another bunch of placemat centers laying on top of one of the border fabrics I bought today. Most of the small squares are from charm packs with a few squares of leftovers from my leftover bin.

 There are 4 of these placemat rectangles that Have a lot of grey squares from the fabric I used in the wedding quilt. I bought 4 layer cakes of "Fresh Cut" by Moda and I used a small amount of the the gray but I really wasn't fond of it so I had a lot left.

I bought 2 Fat Quarter bundles as well as the placemat fabric today. They were both cheerful and spring like and I am ready for something cheerful and NEW.
This is one of the bundles; I was drawn to the little birds and the pretty colors of the solid looking companion fabrics.

So..... we'll see if I am motivated to finish my placemat project. So far I have no plans for my fat quarters but they are cheerful and they are nice to look at and I like to pet them as well.


MaryAnn Kaleal said...

Thanks Ruth! It was good to see you!

Lori said...

Cute! I was thinking of you today so it was good to see a post.

Jan said...

I look to your blog to see how you're doing too!
Thanks for the update.