Saturday, June 10, 2017

Still Here

I'm still alive and kicking moving  slowly but when there isn't much going on, I find it difficult to post anything.There is still not much going on except for a little flower gardening. I backed off of that a bit after Lucy found some snakes to play with. Thankfully,  she did not bring them in the house but my enthusiasm for gardening cooled off for a while.

I have not done much sewing of any kind lately but I enter 3 quilted wall hangings in a small quilt exhibit at the local library. None of them are new but they have not been in any quilt shows or exhibits and they live in my closet most of the time.

This one was part of a series using large scale print squares and Birds in the Air blocks and another block with half square triangles. I think it might be called Northwind.
 I was at the quilt shop for a meeting of something or other and spotted the Laurel Burch fabric and the multicolor spotted fabric side by side. When I said I was going to make something with them, I remember my friend saying "well, that's a no brainer". She was right I didn't have to think twice to know they just belonged together.

The background on this next one was an experiment in black and white ninepatch color wash . I made nine patch blocks starting with the darkest and the lightest 2 fabrics (in the upper right corner) and worked progressively through the values with the next lighter dark fabric  and the next darker light fabric. In the lower left corner the values were the same and the fabrics distinguished only by the pattern.
When I sewed all the blocks together it was clear that the piece need a focal point. I added the cat and the flowers.
That fabric in the upper left is part of the curtain  on the window next to my design wall.

This was a Zentangle inspired wall hanging I entered in the Bloggers Quilt Festival  in 2012. You can see that I used a similar background to the cat quilt above. In fact, I had some left over blocks and some of the fabric from the cat quilt. If you want to read more about this one you can click on the link above.

So, this is the extent of my quilt related activities lately. Well except for changing out my spring quilts or my patriotic quilts for the summer, nothing new there though.


kathyf said...

It's always wonderful to see your work.

Annie said...

I'm still here too and not getting much play time. That first little quilt looks fantastic. The colors and the design with them is very eye-catching. Both black and white quilts are so interesting. I really love the flowers blooming on the B&W checkerboard background.

Lori said...

Beautiful pieces, Ruth. The Laurel Burch is one of my all time favorites. I am still coveting a bit of it.