Monday, July 24, 2017

Fancy Forest Again

I finished the second Thistle block Sunday. Saturday night I had  re cut the background for the leaf section that . I had not cut all of the background pieces ahead of time and I am happy that I didn't. After looking at the wrong chart for the leaf section, I am taking extra care as I cut the pieces. I am scanning and printing the cutting charts and then folding them so that I am only seeing the section for what I am cutting from each fabric. I do learn from my mistakes.

It hasn't been easy to decide on the fabrics for each block. I am not sure about the leaf section of the block on the right. I want to repeat every fabric that I use at least once. After I make the Owl and Butterfly blocks will see if I want to keep that section or change it.

With each new block that I make the first one is slow and second one goes much faster. I am also taking much more care with the quarter inch seams and measuring each time I sew something together.  I fix each problem on the spot and it has made everything easier.

 I started the Hedgehog blocks yesterday; I finished the first one yesterday and the second one this morning, I only had to do one thing over on the first one due to drawing my diagonal line in the wrong direction for the outside strips. I did the same thing on the second block but caught it before I stitched it,

I have only 2 Owl blocks and 2 Butterfly blocks to make before I can put it all together. I am going to put what I have up on the design wall with the layout that I will be using; then I will make decisions about what fabrics I need to use for the rest of the blocks.
I feel as though I am on schedule for finishing in time for the shower on August 12.

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Annie said...

Wonderful new blocks Ruthie! I'm glad these blocks are moving along at a happier pace than your rough start. LoL. It's going to be SO darn cute!