Sunday, July 30, 2017

It's a Flimsy

Fancy Forest is a flimsy. It went together without any problems. I guess fixing every little problem as I went along paid off in the end. All of the blocks ended up the correct size except for the Firefly blocks and I knew I would have to fudge something there.  It turned out that I just had to remove a strip from the top of the block, easiest fix of all for this quilt.
I changed one block from my original plan. I moved the red Fox from above the purple Thistle to below it.  When I studied everything on my design wall I thought the purple Thistle and the purple wings on the Owl were too close together. I had already sewed the 2 left side rows together and I liked them they way they were. Moving the red Fox was easy and it moved the purple Thistle up enough to balance the color distribution. The Fox/Thistle rows are 6  inches wide and the other rows are 8 inches, that limited the options but I think it was a good fix.

I don't have anything in my stash for the back so a trip to the quilt shop is in order. I am not going to piece a backing for this one because I want to get started on the quilting. I want this ready for a baby shower on August 12.

I think I will make another one from this pattern after all. It is a good pattern even though it is a bit fiddly for me and my habits. It certainly made me sharpen my skills and my concentration.The next great grand child is not due until January so I will have time to make it if that is what I decide. I will use some of the some fabrics and use a different background. I have a busy 2or 3 months coming up but even if I don't squeeze in any big block of sewing time I should have time to make it. After all, I have good experience. LOL, I might be kidding myself about how much that experience matters.

 I will probably draw all of the blocks in Electric Quilt so I can play with the colors.  I drew the Firefly block in EQ before I made the second block. I could see different color options it helped me to see the fabric in colors I was using when I cut pieces.  I  use my EQ program for every quilt I make. I helps decide on colors to use, and color placement and I like being able play with all the options. EQ helps me to understand how to sew the blocks and see a better way sometimes and to try out all the "what ifs".  I didn't put the blocks in EQ before I started because I thought It would be too time consuming and after all, I had the pattern to follow. In fact, It was very easy to draw the Firefly block using the cutting directions from the pattern. So... another lesson learned.

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Annie said...

Ruthie, your flimsy looks fabulous! Moving the red fox was a great separated the two similar color foxes as well as separating the purples. Sometimes a switch is a surprise outcome that may have not been noticed before hand. I would have to make another immediately so as not to forget all the places I went wrong. Even that doesn't keep from from making the same mistakes. LoL. Looking forward to seeing this flimsy as a quilt!