Thursday, September 28, 2017

Almost There and A nice Surprise

I have been a busy getting ready to move but I took a small time out to look at the Bloggers Quilt Festival and to enter a quilt. The nice surprise is that I won a prize,  a Sarah J Max Designs  Shout, Whisper, Text quilt kit. I am looking forward to receiving it. The prizes were by drawing, not by vote this year; nice for me because I entered on the last day. Even though it is over the quilts are still up for viewing. Click and the link above.
I am almost finished packing. Tomorrow is moving day and I hope I get it all done before midnight tonight. I am down to all the odds and ends that don't fit nicely with other things. The movers are coming at 9AM so I will have to sleep fast and be up and dress and ready to go by 9.

Jack is waiting to pack up my computer so I will not be on my computer for a few days but I hope to be back before too long.

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Annie said...

CONGRATS Ruthie! Your quilt is worth the prize and more. May all things go smoothly for you on moving day. I know the feeling. We arrived at our home, but our "things" don't arrive until next week. Ugh the unloading.