Thursday, February 8, 2018

A Flimsy and Some Hearts

 I finished adding the borders for this quilt early this week but my camera was not cooperating and then I moved all my furniture back to it's non quilting position and I can't get to my design wall. However, I found a way by pinning along the top of the flimsy to the edge of a foam panel and then laid the panel flat on top of my bookcase.  For some reason my camera has been working most of the time again so I did get a shot of the flimsy. (I think my camera is working now because I ordered a new one yesterday from Amazon.) The sashing and border fabric was given to me for the back of a quilt that I was given by my friend Lynn. I admired a flimsy she was showing at the Basement Diva meeting and she gave it to me. I had already layered the top with something else when she gave me the border fabric so I hung on to the fabric for this one. Thank you Lynn, that is two quilts now that I love.

After I moved all my furniture and put all the things away from the fancy Forest quilt I got out my box of Valentine fabric. I made these 4 hearts yesterday and today. I may use them for a new February table runner. I pieced them on a paper foundation just so I would get them all close to the same size. This is not like paper piecing for precision for a specific pattern. Although I did finally learn to do that after my friend Kathy taught me how to paper piece.  She gave me a lesson so I could make a migrating geese wall hanging  you can read about it here.

I have good friends. I need to see them more often.


Annie said...

I love your colorful quilt Ruthie! Your border/sashing fabric looks very familiar to me. I’m sure I’ve had some of it at one time (maybe still do, LOL). I like it too. Love those improv hearts too. They will be a great table runner. Looking forward to seeing that finish.

Lori said...

I love your recent posts and works, Ruth. Beautiful, as always. Miss you, my friend!