Monday, April 2, 2018

Fancy Forest 2018 Finish Along

This is the first quilt I finished for the 2018 Finish Along. I didn't have a photo of the finished quilt because my camera was not working that day. My daughter took one with her phone the day she picked it up; she forgot to send it to me until I reminded her. I finally got it 2 days ago.

This was one of 2 quilts I listed to finish for the first quarter of  the 2018 Finish Along.  You can read a little more about it here. I really love the Elizabeth Hartman pattern and and the finished quilt but I had construction issues with almost all the blocks. This was not the fault of the pattern but my own inclination to not follow the instructions in the order they are written. I also made some cutting errors. Nevertheless, I think it is a great pattern and the quilt was well received.

I did a little more outlining of the bunny ears because or the low contrast with the white fabric and the icy blue "Grunge" background.

I took the easy way out and stitched in the ditch. My arthritic hands are not up to the challenge of free motion quilting.

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Lynette said...

This is so pretty in your colors! It really is a fantastic pattern, isn't it? The blocks demand a fair bit of attention, that's for sure, but they're so darned cute! You inspire me, doing quilts still despite arthritis.

Annie said...

The quilt looks fabulous, Ruthie! Each critter and flower looks great and the fabric colors are wonderful. I can imagine I might have made that quilt with the same struggles you had...I tend to decide for myself what might be next. It always gets me in trouble and calls for the ripper.

Sandra @SewofCourse said...

What a lovely quilt, you chose your colours well! On behalf of all hosts, thank you for participating in the Finishalong!