Saturday, June 16, 2018

Two Finishes and a Purchase

Yesterday, I finished 2 more quilts for the church youth group to take to Jamaica.  The blocks for this one on the right were made by someone else and I put the top together with the sashing and border and quilted it. all of the fabrics, including the backing came from our donated fabric in our
quilting closet at church.

The red, white and blue quilt is one I made completely from donated fabrics as well.

 Here is a close-up of the folded quilt with the corner turned back to show the back; you can see the orange binding.
Close-up of the folded quilt with the corner turned back to show one of the backing fabrics.

This shows the center panel fabric on the back; it is the same as the sashing and border fabric.
I had to use two fabrics for the backing on this one.
This is my latest purchase. An adhesive strip of LED lights fort he arm of my sewing machine.
I love it! I had a very nice LED light on my machine but it was damaged when we moved 3 years ago. The movers put the machine on a dolly and bounced it down the stairs and  I discovered the light shattered too late to claim it as damaged. I didn't replace the light at the time but struggled along with other lighting. I got this from Amazon and I think it is even better that my original light and it cost $22 instead of $100 plus from Bernina.

I can even see black on black with my old eyes.


Millie said...

OOOOO! That strip of LED lights... what a tremendous idea!

kathyf said...

Margie got one for me last year but I had her keep it until I was feeling better. I should have her come now and install it. I use navy when stitching black. Glad to see you are busy.

Catherine Cole said...

What did you order from amazon? I can’t find anything but large rolls of the lights. How do they work?