Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Another day QAWM

I looked around a little on Blogger and learned a couple of things. I am not good at reading directions; I'm way too impatient. If I don't find what I want in the first 10-15 words I look elsewhere. That makes it necessary to got back and look again.

This is what I did this morning. I took some  blocks that were of the same few fabrics and put them in a small tabletopper. Now I really don't need another one but I am not going to make a bunch of UFO's. I am trusting that someone will want it. I
considered taking the triangles out and puttng blocks in their place but decided to let it stand.though I may put a small border on it.
I have some blocks cut out and reay to sew and I think I have my setting triangle fabric but it will have to wait until Friday evening or Saturday. I have to clean up my sewing room because tomorrow my great grand children are coming and they are very interested in my sewing machine and my computer and they spend a lot of time in my room.

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Anonymous said...

Hey, remember to post your finished piece to Melody's finished piece page. What a pretty table topper. You can always keep it in reserve for a bridal shower gift.