Monday, February 15, 2010

QAWM Gardenpatch top 56 x 70

I went ahead and sewed my blocks together. I decided that I liked the murky fabric after all. I had to cut carefully to get all the setting triangles because I had just enough. That is when I usually make a mistake, not when I have lots of fabric and room for error. This time it worked out.
I have left over light blocks because I replaced some with larger scale prints. I am beginning to see why I can't get this box of fabric used up. I tend to slip into the color wash mode when I use these fabrics and there is not enough contrast. When I dug into the box of darker floral prints I liked what was happening. I have been enjoying the interplay of color and pattern as I stitched them together.

I'm not sure what is next except my focus will be to keep working with the floral fabric and make as big a dent as I can in the pile. I want to move on to other things.

Yesterday I had to go out and buy a new iron.  I have not had very good luck with the longevity of my irons and I keep trying different brands. This one has such nice features and I am so happy with it that I hope it lasts a while. The off button and the 3 heat settings light up so you know what the setting is. When it shuts off automatically it beeps 3 times and the off light blinks. It has lots of steam, is easy to fill, all the switches are easy to use and there is an orange ball that floats in the water level indicator which also lights up.


Anonymous said...

Fantastic job. Make certain to bring it to Friendship Group in March...k

Anonymous said...

Love your blog Ruth!